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Vidya Subramanian presents

Pre-recorded downloadable audio lessons

Based on popular demand, Vidya is pleased to bring out pre-recorded audio lesson sets. Each Lesson Set contains a mix of carefully selected songs, complete with English notation in PDF format. The songs rendered by Vidya as well as the audio lessons (appropriately formatted for the student to repeat and learn by listening and/or following the notation) are in MP3 format. Upon receipt of payment, a secure download link will be sent to the buyer's email address for immediate digital download.

Note: If you prefer direct digital downloads, go to Vidya Subramanian's page

How to order

We will send a secure link for digital download of your product as soon as your payment is received by one of the modes given below.

By Paypal: Click on the "Buy Now" button adjacent to each product's description to pay online in a secure transaction.

By USD Check or online bank remittance in INR: Please email Vidya for payment instructions if you wish to pay by USD check / online bank remittance in INR.

Bulk discounts available. Please email Vidya for assistance with your order, or for status updates after placing your order.

Important note: A lot of time and effort has gone into preparing these lessons. Please do not make or distribute unauthorized copies of these lessons. Do feel free to back up your purchased material for your reference, but kindly respect the artiste's time and effort and discourage piracy.

Sample Audio Lessons (free)


Beginner Song Sample: Mooshika Vahana - Hamsadhwani - Adi

Notation - Mooshika Vahana - Hamsadhwani - Adi (.pdf)

Rendition of Mooshika Vahana by Vidya Subramanian (MP3)

Kalyana Rama - Hamsanadham - Adi - Oothukadu Venkata Kavi

Notation - Kalyanarama - Hamsanadham - Adi - OVK (.pdf)

Kalyana Rama Audio Lesson by Vidya Subramanian (MP3)

Rendition of Kalyana Rama by Vidya Subramanian (MP3)

Swaminatha Paripalaya - Nattai - Adi - Muthuswamy Dikshitar

Notation - Swaminatha paripalaya - Nattai - Adi - Dikshitar (.pdf)

Swaminatha Paripalaya Audio Lesson by Vidya Subramanian (MP3)

Rendition of Swaminatha Paripalaya by Vidya Subramanian (MP3)