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Articles on Carnatic Music

NEW! Demystifying the complexities of Ragas in Carnatic music for the untrained Rasika (featured on Perambur Sangeetha Sabha's 90th anniversary souvenir)


Tribute to Guru Lalgudi Sri Jayaraman (featured on


A Day in the life of a music teacher via Skype (featured in Sruti Magazine blog)


The Curious Case of a Woman CA's Evolution(Award winning submission at Women Member Empowerment Conference, SIRC of Institute of Chartered Accountants of India)


Sri Lalgudi's Compositions- 21st Century Masterpieces


Carnatic Music - a Knol: Selected for a "Top Pick Knol Award" by Google


Sri Kamalamba Jayati - A Dikshitar Masterpiece


Sri Shyama Shastri's Bhairavi Swarajati - a primer on Bhairavi Ragam


Kalpana Swaram Singing - a trick or treat?

Audio podcast on Kalpana Swaram Singing

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